Professional background in visitor research

I was employed by the Institute for Sociology of the University of Karlsruhe (today KIT) as an assistant from 2000 to 2003. Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Hans Joachim Klein, I conducted the following surveys:


 ImageAssociation of the Upper Rhine Museums-Pass, Basel (CH)

Evaluation of the launching of the Upper Rhine Museums-Pass, consisting in a survey of the pass holders, a survey of participant museums and a survey of visitors to member museums without passes.

 ImageBadisches Landesmuseum and Staatliche Kunsthalle, Karlsruhe

(Regional State Museum of Baden and State Art Gallery) Evaluation of the double exhibition “The late Middle-Ages in the Upper Rhine Valley”, comprising a front-end evaluation for one of the museums and a summative evaluation (visitor survey) of both exhibitions.



Furthermore, I bworked freelance on the following projects in 2003-2006 and 2008:


 ImageAssociation of the Upper Rhine Museums-Pass, Basel (CH)

Internal evaluation of the association’s structures by questioning the member museums.

 ImageGroupe Musée Suisse, Zurich (CH), on behalf of the ZEB - Centre for Evaluation and Visitor Research

(Swiss national museums) Summative evaluation and comparative analysis of seven out of eight national museums of the Musée Suisse group (visitors’ structure, visit behaviour, motivation, satisfaction).

 ImageBadisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe (D), on behalf of the ZEB - Centre for Evaluation and Visitor Research  

(Regional State Museum of Baden) Writing the final report of the visitor survey conducted on the permanent exhibitions (summative evaluation).



As the scientific director of the ZEB – Centre for Evaluation and Visitor Research (2006-2008), I conducted the following surveys and evaluations. Though I dealt with those projects mainly myself, I could also count on the support of my staff and assistants : 


 ImageKunsthalle Würth, Schwäbisch Hall (D)

(Würth Art Gallery) Temporary exhibition “Fernando Botero”
summative evaluation of the art exhibition and analysis of the visitors book.

 ImageFreilichtmuseum an der Glentleiten, Großhadern (D) (in cooperation) 

(Open air museum in Glentleiten, Bavaria) Summative evaluation and image study, including a  visitor survey in the open-air museum (visitor structure, visitor behaviour, satisfaction) and a non-visitor survey (awareness level, interest, image).

 ImageDASA – Deutsche Arbeitsschutzausstellung, Dortmund (D) 

(German “Working World Exhibition”) Pilot survey of the individual visitors and school classes (visitor structure, visitor behaviour, satisfaction) and consultancy for setting up further evaluations.

 ImageWeltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte, Völklingen (D) (in cooperation) 

(World Cultural Heritage Site Völklingen Ironworks) Temporary exhibition “Genius I”, summative evaluation.

 ImageBadisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe (D) 

(Regional State Museum of Baden) Permanent exhibitions, summative evaluation of visitors to the permanent exhibitions, comparative analysis of visitor structures in times with and without temporary exhibitions.



As scientific director of the ZEB, I contributed to the supervision of projects carried out by the ZEB, such as surveys in the Badisches Landesmuseum Karlsruhe, the Landesmuseum für Technik und Arbeit Mannheim (Regional State Museum for Technology and Labor, today Technoseum), the Naturhistorisches Museum Basel (Natural History Museum), the Landesmuseum Württemberg in Stuttgart (Regional State Museum Württembeerg), the Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Karlsruhe (Natural History Museum) and the Staatliche Kunsthalle Karlsruhe (State Art Gallery).


Nota bene: The reports of these evaluations and surveys are the property of the institutions which ordered them or of the organisations which carried them out. This applies to studies and surveys conducted on behalf of such organisations as well as on a freelance basis. Those reports have not been published and therefore are not usually available to the general public.