Evaluations for cultural institutions:

this is my core business.


Providing services to cultural institutions in need of information about their audiences is the core of my work. The services I offer include visitor and audience research, as well as evaluations for institutions in the cultural sector. The focus lies on museums and museum-related institutions. Based on well established methods of empirical social research, the studies and surveys I conduct are tailor-made to each individual case. They take into account the specific requirements, the goals and the size and scope of the institution. My studies and evaluations also integrate comparative elements, benefiting from experience and statistical information collected over the years. 


The studies I carry out provide feedback about the interaction between audiences and institutions. The service includes the choice of the appropriate method, the survey itself and the data processing as well as the analysis of the results. Cultural institutions thus have the systematic and structured feedback from their visitors or users they need as a basis for strategic and operative decision making 


I work on projects mainly in Germany and its neighbouring countries such as France, Switzerland, Belgium or Austria, with a particular interest in cross-border projects. Every international study includes an intercultural dimension, which I take into particular account in my work.